BRAFAB Gartenmöbel Rana Pos. Sessel schwarz

BRAFAB Gartenmöbel Rana Pos. Sessel schwarz

Artikel-Nr. 101275
Lieferbar ab 17.02.2023

Rana Pos. Sessel schwarz

Rana is a series in aluminium, designed in a modern, relaxed style for a durable comfort. The perfecet combination of nice design, good quality with an attractive price. Smart simplicity with few parts. Cushions in olefin fabric. Table tops in spray-painted glass. Plastic details goes with the colour of the product, black details on black products and white details on the white products. Anthracite textilen.

Material Aluminium
Farbe Schwarz/shwarz
Maße 60 × 79 × 102 cm
Eigenschaften: Faltbar

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